Prayer & Mass Attendance

As Catholics, we encounter Jesus primarily in two ways: prayer and the sacraments, especially Mass Attendance.


Prayer is the most fundamental way that we Encounter Christ. Without it, we are doomed to fail. Even Jesus prayed! Prayer is personal. There is no right or wrong way to do it. However, one thing is certain: each of us must have a set time, place and plan for prayer. We need to pray every single day.

Whether we realize it or not, prayer is the encounter of God’s thirst and ours.
— St. Augustine

Mass Attendance

If we really understood the Mass, we would die of joy.
— St. John Vianney

If Committed to Christ is our roadmap, Mass is our rest stop along the road. It carves out time for us to rejuvenate and reconnect. Whether it's through the priest, the people, the Gospel, the Eucharist or the music, how do you encounter Christ at Mass? Figure out how you can make the Sunday Mass the focal point of your Christian life. Take a look at your current location on the road and your destination. There are a lot of practical ways to grow in our devotion and love for Sunday Mass. Let's do it together.