Parish Mission with keynote speaker Katie Prejean McGrady

March 10th-12, 2019


Who is Katie Prejean McGrady?

She is a dynamic and engaging Catholic speaker and author with a passion for sharing the Faith.

Since 2007, Katie has been traveling around North America speaking to audiences of all ages on everything from the Eucharist, pursuing a relationship with Jesus, models and methods of evangelization, ice cream flavors, and the best shows to watch on Netflix. Audiences are often challenged and excited by her talks because her presentation style is filled with humor, substantive teachings, engaging stories, and a message of encouragement as people set out to meet and fall in love with Christ and the Church.

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Her books:
Room 24: Adventures of a New Evangelist
Follow: Your Lifelong Adventure with Jesus


Sunday, March 10th
Join us for Mass at St. Eugene
11:30am - Lunch in Mackin Hall
12:30pm - Keynote: Come and See - We’ll focus on the invitation we all receive from Christ to intimately and personally encounter Him, and what that encounter looks like, especially when we set aside our preconceived notions of who Jesus Christ is.

Monday, March 11th
- Dinner in the Narthex
7:00pm - Keynote with Adoration: The Better Part - It’s really easy in the Christian life to think and assume that our faith is all about “doing” - and we turn ourselves into busy Marthas and preoccupied Peters who don’t stop and recognize who they are with - Jesus Himself. This second night we’ll focus on the importance of building a deep prayer life, and what a life of prayer can lead to (intimacy with the Lord).

Tuesday, March 12th
- Lunch in the Narthex
12:30pm - Keynote: Go Home
- Dinner in the Narthex
7:00pm - Keynote: Go Home - The greatest evangelists are not men and women with microphones and Instagram followings. The greatest evangelists are the ones who are unafraid to simply “talk about Jesus” and be visible witnesses to Jesus Christ in daily life - at the grocery store, in the board room, in the pickup line at school, and in the parking lot after Sunday Mass. How can we be like a man healed by Jesus and “go home and tell our friends” all that the Lord has done for us?



Q & A

Is this a lecture or more of a discussion (where I can ask questions)?
Each session, you can expect to hear a dynamic message from Katie Prejean who will share personal stories, examples and meaning bringing scripture to life and making our faith incredibly real and relatable.  Each night will have a prayer opportunity, led either by Katie or our Pastoral Staff.  There will be time before and after for fellowship and small group conversations.  

Is childcare provided?
YES!  There will be FREE childcare Sunday afternoon and both Monday and Tuesday evening.  Drop off 15 minutes before the mission talk and pick up 15 minutes after the talk ends.  Our caregivers have been given background checks and are excellent.  The St Eugene 3K/Extended Care room is where you can drop off and pick up your children.  We will accept children 6 Months - 10 years old.  Goldfish crackers and water will be provided as a snack, unless you pack something otherwise.  You may RSVP ahead of time to Meaghan Turner, but it is not required.  We will try to accommodate everyone, but childcare may fill up and we will not be able to accept any children if we hit our capacity.  

I have an infant younger than 6 months, can I bring him/her into the mission?
YES!  Infants are welcome.  We have a space in the ushers room for nursing mothers who would like privacy.  Feel free to sit in the Holy Innocent Chapel if your little one is being talkative :) 

Is the meal you will be serving going to fill my family (or do I need snacks in my purse?)
A meal will be offered before each session. There will be options for parishioners that follow a vegetarian or gluten free diet and options for children. There is no cost for the meal but a free will offering may be made if you wish to help cover the cost.
Times for meal are as follows:
Sunday: 11:30am - 12:30pm
Monday: 6:00 - 7:00pm
Tuesday day session: 12:30 - 1:00pm
Tuesday evening session: 6:00 - 7:00pm

I cannot attend all three mission talks, can I go to just one or two?
YES!  You will WANT to be at all three mission talks, but if your schedule allows you to make one or two that is great too.  The message each night is different (see schedule) and they will relate to one another but do not rely on one another.  You can attend ANY of the mission talks without feeling like you have missed major content.  

Is there a night geared to a specific audience? (youth only, young adults, man cave/women's ministry)?  
Each Keynote address will speak to your heart whether you are 14 or 114.  Our speaker is just that good and relatable.  We are not specifically advertising a night to a specific audience but are encouraging families and individuals of all ages to attend each session.  Monday nights is the parish formation Teen Night with freshmen and sophomore students, instead of teen night on Monday evening we are encouraging them to attend the Mission with their family - the message is for everyone (teens are the future of our Church - they need to be a part of our church  now!)

Is the lunch on Tuesday just for Seniors?
The lunch and afternoon keynote is open to everyone.  Katie's message will be repeated Tuesday night.  There will not be childcare available at the afternoon session.

When I drop my kid off for teen night, should my husband and I stay?
If you are bringing your teen to the mission, why wouldn't you stay?

Who can come? Should I bring a guest?
A parish mission is for EVERYONE. This is for the individual who has been away from the church for awhile to those who are in the pews every Sunday and everyone in between.  It is for you, your family members, your friends, your neighbor, your barista at starbucks. It is for those of all ages.  You SHOULD invite someone to come with you - do not make this journey alone!