Name Tag Sunday

On Sunday, June 11, 2017, our parish launched Name Tag Sunday and the Greeter Ministry in an effort to foster community among our active assembly.  At all Masses, mass goers were greeted at the door by a "Greeter", welcomed by, provided a bulletin, and invited to create a name tag by an Usher upon entering the church and welcomed at the table by volunteers staffing the name tag table.

A survey was emailed to all St. Eugene Households asking for their opinion. These are the results of the survey.

Number of participants: 111

On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 is lowest), how helpful was Name Tag Sunday?
(85 responses)

How did you benefit from Name Tag Sunday? 56 responses

  1. yes (2)
  2. People knew who I was.
  3. An increased level of comfort interacting with new faces
  4. Liked seeing everyone participate.
  5. YES
  6. I did not.
  7. Some conversed with me by calling my name
  8. Created conversation with parishoners around us
  9. Not applicable
  10. Not much benefit as I did not have a chance to talk to people. It was helpful for the picnic when actually interacting with others.
  11. Did not like, took away from the fact that it was the sacrifice of the Mass and made it more about us
  12. Didn't directly benefit
  13. I had a nice conversation with the mother of on my former students. former
  14. Didn't. It works only in theory. We face forward, and the only time we turn around is during the Sign Of Peace. There is also no time to "visit" during that time.
  15. I could see people's names and they could see mine. The result was we were using names.
  16. Mary 
  17. Met more people !!
  18. Nice to associate names with faces! :)
  19. I learned a few more names of familiar faces that I didn't know before.
  20. I think it is a great idea, but we arrived to late to put a name tag on. Also, I am sure they were in an obvious spot near the entries, but those spots weren't obvious to me.
  21. It helped if name was printed
  22. nothing was different
  23. I was in Oklahoma so I did not attend mass at St. Eugene
  24. N/A since was there
  25. Was able to put names with faces
  26. Very nice idea...especially because of my limited memory
  27. N/A.
  28. I auggested thie years ago. I think it's a great idea and hope we do sommething permanent.
  29. Met a few people
  30. I loved putting faces to names!
  31. Really , no benefit,
  32. it was nice to be able to know people's names
  33. Not much, Instructions were not clear, nobody call me by name nor I didn't
  34. I learned people's names.
  35. Found out names of people who sit near us in church. Problem will be to remember!
  36. Puts a name to a familiar face
  37. Getting to know the names of people.
  38. helped me to place a face to a name of people I see at mass but do not know on a 1st name basis
  39. It was nice to see the names of people I spoke with at the picnic. It was a visual reminder which helps me remember the name.However, during mass it was of little help, since there is such a short time during the shaking of hands for peace. I don't recall the names of the people I shook hands with and was looking at their eyes and hand, not at their name tag. It is a great idea to help us get to know one another, particularly those we see every week in the same pew. But not sure it was effective. Maybe after a while I will get used to looking for the name tags.
  40. I don't feel I did. There wasn't much time to even see the name tags.
  41. You can call others by name😊
  42. Great Idea to put a name with a face, but not much of a chance to interact with new people,
  43. Not sure that I did
  44. Found the names that fit with the faces I see on Sundays.
  45. I learned 3 people's names
  46. Able to greet the persons next to me by name...
  47. I didn't participate, but I observed many who did.
  48. We learned the names of people we had seen before and chatted with them.
  49. Can't say, did not really see names on people around me
  50. I was not even made aware where the name tags were when I entered the church.
  52. Yes
  53. Not too much because I know lots of parishioners but still think it's a good idea.
  54. Good icebreaker
  55. put name to a face of someone you see regularly at Mass

Should we do Name Tag Sunday again?
(89 responses)

How often should we do Name Tag Sunday?
(85 responses)

Any additional comments, questions, or concerns regarding Name Tag Sunday. 36 responses

  1. It helps to getting to know people
  2. A permanent name tag should be ready on the table and just pin it to individual shirt. After Mass the name tag should be return in the table.
  3. It was a nice idea for this event but I don't think really necessary to do routinely
  4. I think it's a great idea. It helps build community.
  5. The ushers serve as regular greeters. It could be difficult to also staff regular other greeters. I don't think people would take the time to make a name tag very regularly.
  6. The greeters were received well by some attendees
  7. Great idea. Keep it up!
  8. Maybe do once a quarter with a bite to eat after mass so people can visit?
  9. Its helpful if people stay after mass for hospitality.
  10. Having it the same day as the parish picnic seemed kind of strange. There wasn't as much of an opportunity to greet other people since we were busy with the picnic. Maybe doing a bigger greeting in church would have been nice.
  11. It would be beneficial to have someone announce right b/4 mass begins to turn and introduce yourself to someone you don't know sitting next to you.
  12. We're happy to greet whenever we're in town. Ron and Pat Santilli
  13. We have been out of town for 6 weeks, so I can't comment
  14. Probably could have it more often initially so people could reinforce names with faces. Every other week maybe?
  15. See above comment
  16. In the past mane tags were coordinated with payment
  17. Have been attending for 30 years. None of the new faces at that particular mass wore name tags! Should include last name, not just first. Kind of pointless. Also, ushers, greeters should assist in seating people who are sitting in Narthex or arriving late. Isn't that part of what an usher does?
  18. Greeters are very important - I love the idea of Name Tag Sunday. My sister's church has name tags and she says it is wonderful
  19. While I didn't attend, here are some general comments about the greeters: 1) they are more interested in talking among themselves than greeting you 2) people are not all greeted the same
  20. Greeters typically greet people they know. Newcomers and visitors should be noticed.
  21. none
  22. We went to Mass at St Marys in Florence on the day described.
  23. Now that we have Fr. Hartman coming in, it will help him to learn our names!
  24. Walked in and was not aware of the name tags, therefore did not participate
  25. I am a member of the choir so I probably came too early to be greeted on entry to the church. Also, I know the members of the choir so the name tag was not of as great a value to me as it might have been if I were sitting in the pews.
  26. We need to be clear the purpose, instructions and a follow up of the activity, while this is not clear, then why we do this? we should have a clear purpose and mechanism to do all mentioned so we can have a sound activity.
  27. For special occasions, like the parish picnic this year, encourage everyone to wear another name tag in addition to the one worn at the 4:30 pm or the 8 am mass. There were several people with no name tags at the picnic.
  28. Can't hurt to try new ways of connecting people.
  29. Arrived early, so that was the reason for no greeter.
  30. I noticed after ushers told people about signing a name tags, people did not get tags, but walked directly into sanctuary. If Name Tag Sunday is presented again, a suggestion would be to have the tag tables closer to the ushers. Another suggestion would be to have one usher give the congregant a bulletin, and the other usher give the person a name tag and pen when they come into church. Last suggestion, have the blank name tags & pens already in the pews..
  31. Have them more often..
  32. Just that the greeter ministry needs to be personal in the sense that it is not a perfunctory welcome. But that may be where name tags fit in? Many may arrive at Mass before the greeters assemble.
  33. It was nice
  35. I attended 8:30 am Mass on 6/11
  36. wish people put their last name also on the tag

On a scale from 1 to 10, how important is the Greeter ministry?
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